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Decorative & Utilitarian knives and swords

Max is paring down his collection of decorative knives and swords. More pictures and items coming soon!
Eighteen and up, please...

Chinese Dragon Sword

SOLD The intricate detail on this Ornate Dragon Sword displays the reverence certain cultures pay to the dragon. The hilt and handle of this sword show a dragon perched and ready to take down any challengers with an easy blast of fire. The scabbard has three different dragon scenes whose silver color is brilliant against the chrome. The blade takes up 28 of the total 37 inches. The handle is 8 x 5 inches and the scabbard has a metal chain that enables easy relocation and displaying.

Dragon Katana

SOLD The Orient Dragon Katana will bring a splash of glamor to your home! With its high gloss, intricately patterned scabbard and silver colored, molded pommel and end cap, the Orient Dragon Katana is destined to become the centerpiece of your collection.

Slide the 42 inch sword from its striking sheath and you will discover that it also features a top quality stainless steel Damascus-styled finished blade.

Napoleonic Rapier

$40.00 A sleek, ancient military style weapon, the Napoleonic Rapier brings to mind images of soldiers charging into battle, swords aloft.

A 35 inch weapon, the Napoleonic Rapier has a decorative handle bejeweled with ruby colored gems. The jet black sheath features coordinating gems and molded ornamentation.

Celtic Fantasy Dagger

$15.00 Celtic style fantasy dagger with a blade taking up 11 out of a total of 17 inches. The handle features cast metal accents and ancient engravings.

Pirate necklace and small knifes

SOLD Pirate mini dagger necklace with an assortment of small knifes. The bones in the pirate necklace pull out to reveal miniature hidden daggers. Also, some small knifes. Selling as a package; contact for individual prices.

Throwing Knives

Yes, you read that right.  And we've got a set of six! They're brand new!  Unused!  Never out of the package! (except for this photo, of course)  Size 9 stainless steel, made in Pakistan, with black nylon sheaths.  SOLD

This would have to go under the what-the-heck-were-we-thinking? category.  Chalk it up to too much fun and not enough clarity of mind at last year's Renaissance Festival (at the time, I don't think we realized what we were actually buying...). 

Yeees, they can be used by entertainers, but I think knife throwing can also be a serious sport and may be used in some forms of martial arts.  If that's not you--are you or someone you know an aspiring circus performer?  Perhaps you've always fancied yourself as a daring man (or woman!) in black?  Or, the decorating possibilities are endless! 

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